Mark Usage Guidelines and Requirements

After 114 years of advocating for standardized plumbing practices, more than 50 years of certifying products, and more than 25 years of certifying qualified personnel, ASSE marks are proudly displayed by members, manufacturers, workers, and employers throughout North America. The ASSE International Chapter of IAPMO, LLC (“ASSE International”) considers its trademarks and service marks to be among its most valuable intellectual property assets. As such, ASSE International acts consistently to preserve the strength of and retain its exclusive rights to use its trademarks.

ASSE Product Certification

Product Certification

Proudly displaying the ASSE Seal on product literature, packaging, and products shows customers that your product has stood up to ASSE’s rigorous requirements, and shows that you care about the integrity of your product and about the health and safety of the public.

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ASSE Pro Certification

Personnel Certification

Displaying ASSE personnel certification marks on signage, uniforms, vehicles, business cards, and marketing materials shows AHJs, clients, students, and employers that you support quality education and training, and are among the most qualified and knowledgeable professionals in the field.

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ASSE Standards

ASSE Membership

Members of ASSE International may display the ASSE Member Mark on business cards, letterheads, email signatures, websites, and personal marketing materials to show that they are members and dedicated to the organization’s motto, “Prevention Rather Than Cure.”

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ASSE Guide

Download a PDF of the Mark Usage Guidelines and Requirements

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