Together, the engineers who design products, plumbers who install, test, repair, and inspect systems, officials who enforce regulations, and educators who teach our nation’s plumbers join together to offer their expertise and collectively reach consensus on product and personnel requirements.

Draft product standards and professional qualifications (PQ) standards are developed by working group members. Working groups are typically composed of manufacturer representatives, school representatives, test lab representatives, and outside experts who work in the field. If you have something of value to add, we welcome you to sit on a working group and lend your expertise.

Product Standards
Working groups are forming to develop/revise the following product standards:
  • ASSE/CSA Joint Harmonize Task Group (JHTG), ASSE 1013, Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assemblies, ASSE 1015, Double Check Backflow Prevention Assemblies, with the equivalent CSA B64 standards
  • Beverage Backflow Prevention Working Group, ASSE 1022, Backflow Preventer for Beverage Dispensing Equipment, ASSE 1024, Dual Check Backflow Preventers, and ASSE 1032, Dual Check Valve Type Backflow Preventers for Carbonated Beverage Dispensers, Post Mix Type
  • Water Heater Working Group, ASSE 1084, Water Heaters with Temperature Limiting Capacity, and ASSE 1085, Water Heaters for Emergency Equipment
  • ASSE 1103, Airgap Units for Water conditioning Installation
  • ASSE 1104, Dishwasher Backflow Prevention Requirements
  • ASSE 1112, Packaged Plumbing and Mechanical Systems for Continuous Microbiological Mitigation
  • ASSE 1113, Arsenic Filtration
  • ASSE 1115, Automatic Hot Water Balancing Valve
  • ASSE 1118, Mixing Valves for Hot Water Recirculating Systems
  • ASSE 1376, Ultra and Nano Drinking Water Treatment System
PQ Standards
Working groups are forming to develop the following professional qualifications standards:

For Product Standards, send your completed application to Terry Burger at
For Professional Qualifications Standards, send your completed application to Marianne Waickman at

Working groups are for professional qualifications standards, product standards that are four years or older, and any new standards. For revising product standards newer than four years old, consider creating or joining a Project Team.