Inspecting, testing and maintaining fire protection systems is meaningful work that comes with great responsibility – your job performance can literally mean life or death. Give employers and building owners confidence in your abilities with ASSE 15010 certification.

Although there are other organizations that certify individuals as being competent in the inspection and testing aspects of NFPA 25, ASSE International developed the ASSE 15000 certification program to raise the bar for fire protection industry personnel and ensure public safety. Individuals who are certified to ASSE 15010 have the ability to knowledgeably and skillfully inspect, test and maintain water-based fire protection systems to the satisfaction of the fire protection industry and beyond the minimum requirements of NFPA 25.

The evaluation of fire protection systems for conformance to codes and standards, and determining if a sprinkler system is adequate based on building evaluations and uses, is beyond the scope NFPA 25. A person certified to ASSE 15010 will have the qualifications to perform such evaluations, in consultation with a licensed engineer in some states.

ASSE 15000

ASSE 15010 Water-Based Fire Protection Certification

Who is this certification for?

  • Applies to qualified individuals who provide inspection, testing and maintenance for water-based fire protection systems in compliance with installation, inspection, testing and maintenance standards. This certification does not apply to a person who performs engineering evaluations.

How do you become certified?

  • A minimum of five years of documented practical experience in the fire sprinkler industry. The experience must include a minimum of three years of inspection, testing and maintenance. The remaining two years of experience may include either design or installation.
  • 200-question written exam covering the inspection, testing and maintenance of water-based fire protection, the installation of sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, fire pumps, and other aspects of ASSE Standard 15010.
  • Practical examination that includes performing the following tests, along with evaluation of the test results:
    • Full-flow trip test of a dry-pipe system
    • Trip test of a preaction system
    • Main drain test
    • Test of an electric motor driven fire pump
    • Test of a diesel engine driven fire pump

About the Program

  • Nationally recognized third-party certification
  • Maintains all certification records
  • Qualifications and approval of instructors/proctors overseen by ASSE
  • Quality and approval of training providers overseen by ASSE
  • Certified individuals and approved training providers listed on ASSE website


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If you are interested in becoming an ASSE-accredited instructor and/or proctor, interested in having your school accredited, or interested in learning more about ASSE 15000 Certifications, please contact the ASSE International Professional Certifications Coordinator at janice.mcnellis@asse-plumbing.org.