Grow your professional capabilities and save lives with ASSE Residential Potable Water Fire Protection Certification.

ASSE certification in residential fire sprinkler system installation and inspection adds nationally recognized credentials to your resume, enhances your skills, and increases the number of tasks you can perform – ultimately raising your employability.

To install or inspect life-saving fire protection systems, you must be qualified. As an ASSE 7000 certified installer or inspector, you will be able to provide confidence to your AHJ, client, and/or employer that you are among the most qualified and knowledgeable professionals in the field.

ASSE 5000

ASSE Residential Potable Water Fire Protection Certification meets the challenge of a sound and defensible credential program based on voluntary, industry consensus standards.

The ASSE Series 7000 certification program only accepts qualified individuals who meet prerequisite requirements decided by industry consensus. After in-depth training to the industry-leading ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI Series 7000, only those who meet the stringent course objectives and demonstrate their knowledge of installing or inspecting residential potable water fire protection systems are ASSE 7000 Certified and considered qualified to install or inspect these important, life-saving systems.


  • ASSE 7010 Residential Potable Water Fire Protection System Installers for One and Two Family Dwellings
  • ASSE 7020 Residential Potable Water Fire Protection System Inspectors for One and Two Family Dwellings

About ASSE 7000 Certifications

  • Documented practical experience required to qualify for certification
  • Required comprehensive 40-hour training course covering industry-decided knowledge and skills
  • Required comprehensive written exam, and closed book practical exam demonstrating knowledge of NFPA 13D, systems layout, hydraulic calculations, installation, and documentation
  • Certification is valid for three years
  • Refresher course, written exam, and practical exam required for re-certification

About the Program

  • Nationally recognized third-party certification
  • Maintains all certification records
  • Qualifications and approval of instructors/proctors overseen by ASSE
  • Quality and approval of training providers overseen by ASSE
  • Certified individuals and approved training providers listed on ASSE website


If you are interested in becoming an ASSE-accredited instructor and/or proctor, interested in having your school accredited, or interested in learning more about ASSE 7000 Certtifications, please contact the ASSE International Professional Certifications Coordinator at