How Can I Get my Product Certified?

  1. 1. Review the Seal Control Board Procedures.
  2. 2. What product performance standard is applicable to my product?
  3. 3. Submit product for testing to an ASSE Approved Testing Laboratory
    (view Laboratory Evaluation Report Forms ).
  4. 4. After completion of testing, instruct the laboratory to submit an original copy of the test report form to ASSE International.
  5. 5. Submit the Seal Application Packet (SAP), application documentation and fee to ASSE International.
  6. 6. Upon receipt of application at ASSE International, the application will be:
    - Reviewed by the product listing coordinator for completeness.
    - Reviewed by the technical services coordinator for technical completeness.
    - Balloted by the Seal Control Board

  7. Ballot periods:
    Accelerated: five business days
    Regular: 25 calendar days
  8. 7. Notification of the Seal Control Board's decision for product listing will be forwarded to you within five business days after the close of the ballot period.


Companies interested in having their products listed for the US and/or Canadian markets should contact the Listing Coordinator.

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