ASSE recognizes the importance and benefits of input from a variety of industry stakeholders in order to develop the best standards and performance documents. Listing Evaluation Criteria (LEC) are Other Recognized Documents (ORD’s) that establish the initial rules for unique products in the marketplace. An LEC is an opportunity for new devices to gain a footing in the marketplace when combined with 3rd-party certification.

An LEC is valid for 5 years from publication date. At that point, the ASSE Product Standards Committee (PSC) will observe its market acceptance and decide the appropriate route for it in partnership with the original requester.

All public comments are reviewed after the end of the 20-day public review period by the PSC and are resolved to the best ability of the PSC and the commenter. Comments must include the following:

  • Name, company (if applicable), and commenter’s email address
  • Health and safety issues and any technical issues related to the LEC verbiage and scope
  • Any evidence and information to support the comments. All attachments must be submitted in PDF or Microsoft Office format
  • Alternate text in order to resolve the issue of concern with the public’s health and safety as a priority

Submit public comments to with the name of the LEC in the subject.


LECs Available for 20-day Public Comment

LEC Title Comments Deadline Scope
ASSE LEC 2009-201x Backflow Preventer and Automatic Boiler or Chiller Filling Device with Pressure Regulating Management Nov 15, 2019 The device is designed to be connected directly to a building's incoming potable water supply to fill from empty or refill a heating or chilled water system without the use of a pump. It accomplishes this by utilizing the pressure already generated by the incoming potable supply. The device contains integral system backflow protection as well as an electronic pressure regulator. Function of this device is similar to that of a device that conforms with ASSE 1012.


LECs Released and Available

If you have a product that does not quite fit the mold of an existing standard or would like to know more about the process of developing an LEC and whether it is appropriate for you, please contact us at