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International Members
Jaime V. Valdivia
Regional Director
Los Angeles CA

Vincent P. Gallo IV
Regional Director
Milwaukee WI

Debbie Vukovich
Regional Director
Garland TX

Paul A. Baker
Regional Director
Detroit MI

Joseph Kajak Jr.
Regional Director
Boynton Beach FL

Jason Shank
Regional Director
Cleveland OH

Matthew King III
Regional Director
Berwick PA

Daniel W. Rademacher
Regional Director
Butte MT

Give back to your profession and learn from each other

The aims and purposes of ASSE International were proclaimed over 100 years ago, but they continue to guide our organization’s activities today. Our mission is to continually improve the performance, reliability and safety of plumbing and mechanical systems to support our motto, “Prevention Rather Than Cure.” As a member of ASSE International, you will belong to an organization represented by all disciplines of the plumbing and mechanical industries, forming a platform to receive, understand and solve industry problems relating to standards, codes, contracting, engineering and business. We encourage you to attend local chapter meetings, as well as our national Annual Meetings, get involved in chapter activities and apply for national committee work.

Whether it’s through planning or participating in local chapter activities and meetings, writing an article for our publications, mentoring a young member or volunteering on a committee, your involvement is essential to ASSE International’s success.

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ASSE International Bylaws

Benefits of ASSE International Membership

  • • 50% off new active

    • Networking and educational opportunities within the
    plumbing and mechanical industries
  • • Free subscription to ASSE magazines and newsletters:

    Working Pressure magazine and the ASSE International eNewsletter

  • • Discounts on publications published by ASSE (25% off) and select discounts from reciprocating organizations

    • Voting rights at Annual Meetings

    • Authorization to use ASSE's logo on business materials.
  • • Participation on national committees

    • Become an officer of a local ASSE Chapter

    • Eligibility for ASSE International Awards and Scholarship Program (members and their relatives)

Strengthen, support and give back to your profession by belonging to an organization that has been dedicated to the plumbing and mechanical industries since 1906.


ASSE International members have the opportunity to contribute to the organization by participating in the many comittees that drive the focus and direction of the organization. Download a Committee Application.

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Sustaining members

Sustaining members are companies that support ASSE International's mission through their membership.

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Chapter Information

Why do professionals become members of ASSE International?

“ASSE is a leader in the cross-connection control industry and I wanted to be a part of the organization.”

“To maintain a relationship with a cross-section of people in the piping industry and to advance my career.”

“My company partners and relies on ASSE to uphold standards and certification integrity.”

“To become more familiar with my industry, keep up with the latest technology, ideas and discussions, and to be part of keeping our industry safe.”

“The main reason was to stay in front of code changes and new technology, and to share this information with my co-workers.”

“It is my professional responsibility to do so.”

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International awards

Below is a description of all ASSE Internationall Awards, along with an application form and/or list of requirements.

Henry B. Davis Award

The Henry B. Davis Award, named after the American Society of Sanitary Engineering’s founding president, may be awarded at each Annual Meeting, subject to the approval of the ASSE Board, from the nomination of the Awards Committee. Only one (1) member who has contributed the most toward the advancement of sanitary engineering in accord with the ideals of ASSE International will be recipient of this award annually.

Fellow (FASSE) Award

The Fellow Award is a prestigious award presented to candidates who have been dues-paying members in good standing for a minimum of five years. The candidates must have served in an exemplary manner as an officer, regional director or committee person for a period of at least five years.

The number of members who can be elevated to Fellow status, per year, cannot exceed three members. The Awards Committee will use the above criteria in their selection of candidates and submit nominations to the ASSE Board.

All recipients of this award will be permitted to use the designation “FASSE” after their name.

Best Chapter Newsletter

Presented to the chapter with the most outstanding newsletter.

Rand Ackroyd Award

The Rand Ackroyd Award is presented to an individual who has expressed a thorough knowledge and true dedication to the ASSE backflow program, or the backflow and associated industry by their efforts in protecting our drinking water through cross-connection control and education. Nominations shall be submitted by ASSE International members in good standing; however, the nominee is not required to be a member. Nominations must include a biography of nominee’s achievements in backflow and cross-connection control, and be submitted no later than Aug. 1 of the current year.

Patrick J. Higgins Award

The Patrick J. Higgins Award, for outstanding contributions in the field of plumbing codes and standards, was named for a member who contributed greatly to the development and acceptance of ASSE standards internationally. The award is given to a person who demonstrates both knowledge and support of voluntary, consensus standards and their adoption into code. Nominations shall be submitted by ASSE International members in good standing; however, the nominee is not required to be a member. Nominations shall include a biography of the nominee’s achievements in codes and standards. The Awards Committee will review nominations and recommend a candidate for approval to the ASSE Board.

Salvatore J. Farruggia Award

The recipient is chosen by the outgoing international president and is presented to a person that has contributed to the success of that president's term.

Most New Members Award

Presented to the chapter that recruited the most new members between Sept. 1 and Aug. 31 of the current year.

Dewey R. Dedrick Award

The Dewey R. Dedrick, Jr. Award was established in memory of the first President to die in office. The Awards Committee will propose to the ASSE Board for approval, a chapter that has shown the best all-around performance based on the categories of meetings, management, membership and promotion. Consideration will be given to the number of new members gained, the number of members lost, the number and type of meetings held during the year, financial responsibility, attendance at meetings, participation in local efforts affecting the industry, efficiency of communications between local and national affairs, promotion of ASSE International standards to local and state authorities, sales and promotions of ASSE International publications and other activities that develop enthusiasm and progress on the chapter level.

Best Chapter Website

Presented to the chapter with the most outstanding website.