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May 2016

Hello All,

As spring has come to Northeast Ohio and the Northern Ohio Chapter is finishing up its chapter meetings next week on May 26th, I would like to say that this first year of chapter meetings standing alone has gone well. When the Board first decided to go the route of hosting its own meetings, the main objective was to gather all people and organizations involved in the plumbing industry in one place to discuss and educated each other on what is facing the industry today.

That objective has been met to a certain degree this year. Where I feel we are lacking is reaching some of the non-traditional plumbing industry that may need it the most. It is my opinion is it’s not through a lack of effort on the chapter’s part to reach these people, but because they don’t realize how important there job is in protecting the health of the nation. For too long the plumbing industry has been beat down as being too regulated and that you don’t need to know anything to be in plumbing, and we have allowed this to happen. So I for one will be focusing in on this as we move forward to next year’s meetings and events in the hope that the plumbing industry will once again be recognized for its contributions to our great society.

I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this subject. Please email at jshank@plumbers55.com.

Best Regards,

Jason Shank,
President of the NOH Chapter of ASSE

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    2016 ASSE International Annual Meeting Nov. 8-11, 2016 Bally's Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

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    1. Developing and maintaining consensus product performance and professional qualifications standards whose sole purpose is to protect the health of the public.

    2. Developing and maintaining active product seal control and professional qualifications credentialing programs.

    3. Providing interactive platforms on the local, state, national, and international levels to receive, understand, solve, and provide guidance regarding legislative, engineering, installation, workmanship, and manufacturing challenges as they are related to enhancing the health and safety aspects of plumbing.

    4. Promoting public awareness about the importance of safe and correct plumbing installations.

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