"Prevention Rather than Cure"

“Prevention Rather Than Cure” can be applied to your role in the built environment. Having the specialized tools of consistent, standard-conforming products and having qualified personnel to install, inspect and maintain those products and connected systems protects public health and safety.

ASSE International does not claim to be all things to everybody. Deep knowledge and constant improvement of nearly 50 product performance standards for plumbing components, most notably backflow prevention devices and temperature actuated mixing valves, as well as eight personnel qualification standards puts ASSE in a class of its own. Its mission, in the spirit of the organization's motto "Prevention Rather Than Cure," is to continually improve the performance, reliability and safety of plumbing systems.

the history of asse

The Formation of a Society

ASSE International began one cold morning in January of 1906 as Henry B. Davis and some 25 plumbing inspectors from cities across the United States gathered in a meeting hall in Washington, D.C. America has always been a land of pioneers, and the men who gathered in Washington were the most fearless pioneers of all, for they opened up minds of men and gave America a new concept of plumbing, and the part that the plumber and plumbing inspector must play in order to prevent injury to the health of people.

ASSE International, beginning as the American Society of Inspectors of Plumbing and Sanitary Engineers, was organized on a foundation of service, with definite aims, objects and purposes. The founders were men of experience and observation. Because of their foresight, people today live more efficiently, more economically, more comfortably and with better health protection than at any other time in history. We learned from ourselves and the mistakes of others.

– Past President William C. Groeniger, 1916-1923, 1936

ASSE International Membership

ASSE International’s membership is a cross-section of the plumbing and mechanical industries, including contractors, plumbers, engineers, inspectors, journeymen, apprentices, manufacturers and many others. This unique composition gives members the opportunity to exchange ideas and provides a forum where all sides can express their views. Benefits of membership include the monthly ASSE eNewsletter and Working Pressure magazine, discounts on all publication orders, voting rights at Annual Meetings, participation on national committees, and education and networking opportunities in all segments of the plumbing and mechanical industries. >> Read more.

Standards Program

ASSE International maintains nearly 50 product performance standards, ranging from double check and reduced pressure backflow preventers to dielectric pipe unions, with many more in the development stages. ASSE’s product standards are minimum performance requirements for component parts of the plumbing system. ASSE also has eight professional qualifications standards, jointly developed with the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), including the ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI Series 5000, Cross-Connection Control Professional Qualifications Standard, and the ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI Series 6000, Professional Qualifications Standards for Medical Gas Systems Personnel.

ASSE standards are developed and revised under the ANSI-accredited standards development process. >> Read more.

Product Listing (SEAL) Program

The ASSE Product Listing Program is an ANSI-accredited third-party certification body with more than 3,000 products and models listed. ASSE’s directory of the listed products is available free of charge and updated online daily; this permits both members and nonmembers to reference ASSE’s Product Listing Directory during the design, installation or inspection process. The ASSE Seal gives inspectors, code officials, customers and users confidence of a product’s performance within plumbing systems. >> Read more.

Professional Certification Program

In addition to certifying plumbing and mechanical products, ASSE International is also a third party certifier for professionals in the plumbing and mechanical industries. ASSE professional certification in the specialized segments of backflow prevention and residential potable water fire protection expands skill sets, offers nationally recognized certifications to AHJs and raises the employability of professionals.

Cross-connection control professionals, medical gas personnel and installers/inspectors of residential potable water fire protection systems may be certified to one or more standards within ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI professional qualification standards. Each individual must pass a written and practical examination on the criteria established in the course outline. >> Read more.