Medical Gas Systems Certification

Medical Gas Systems Certifications:
6005 – Medical Gas Systems Generalists
6010 – Medical Gas Systems Installers
6015 – Bulk Medical Gas Systems Installers
6020 – Medical Gas Systems Inspectors
6030 – Medical Gas Systems Verifiers
6035 – Bulk Medical Gas Systems Verifiers
6040 – Medical Gas Systems Maintenance Personnel
6050 – Medical Gas Systems Instructors
6055 – Bulk Medical Gas Systems Instructors

ASSE does not certify to this standard and does not provide training.

What is medical gas?
A gaseous substance that meets medical purity standards and has application in a medical environment, such as oxygen and nitrous oxide.

What is a medical gas system?
A system that conveys medical gases from a central supply system (bulk tanks, manifolds and medical air compressors) through piping networks and extends to station outlets for patient and medical professional use.

Trained medical gas professionals who install, inspect verify and maintain these systems are critical to medical procedures and patient health.

ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI Series 6000, now the industry standard, provides jurisdictions and employers with a nationally recognized standard to use in ensuring that individuals working on critically important medical gas systems possess the knowledge and experience required.

The Series 6000 provides uniform minimum requirements for medical gas and vacuum systems personnel, such as installers and inspectors, and also gives uniform requirements for third-party certifiers who certify these professionals. ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI Series 6000, Professional Qualification Standard for Medical Gas Systems Personnel, is based on the requirements of NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code.

If you work in the medical gas field, or would like to expand your skills to work in this field, the Series 6000 is a necessity. Click here to purchase your copy and take the first steps in becoming a qualified medical gas professional.

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