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About ASSE's Standards Program

ASSE’s product performance standards, developed through industry consensus, detail how a product is intended to function under normal operating conditions and include testing procedures and requirements for performance, health and safety. Standards may also include requirements for construction, maintenance and operation.

ASSE’s professional qualifications standards, also developed through industry consensus, set minimum education and performance requirements for professionals who test, install, inspect and maintain our buildings’ water and sanitation systems.

ASSE standards are developed under the ANSI-accredited standards development process.

ASSE Product and
PQ standards

Deep knowledge and constant improvement of nearly 50 product performance standards for plumbing components, most notably backflow prevention devices and temperature actuated mixing valves, as well as eight professional qualifications standards puts ASSE in a class of its own.

Find a complete listing of all ASSE product and professional qualifications standards, their statuses and current committee activities by clicking below.

Standards development process

Product and Professional Qualifications Standards Committees were established on ANSI's policy of openess and consensus with specific responsibilities, as shown in ASSE International's Bylaws. The interests of the public and the producers are the most vital parts of the procedures, with emphasis on performance and application needs.

Click above to read ASSE's Procedures for the Development of Standards.

Standards development Request

ASSE International's standards are developed and revised by requests from the public at large.

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Working Groups / Committees /
Project Teams

ASSE International working groups, standards committees, and project teams help to develop and refine our standards. We need your input! Work together with all involved in the industry – from product engineers, manufacturers, designers and installers to testers and regulators – for the benefit of a stronger industry and public safety.


To request guidance for understanding any of ASSE International's standards, please submit your inquiry to the staff engineering group at