How Can we Become an ASSE Listed Laboratory?

  1. 1. Review the Seal Control Board Procedures, Section 15.
  2. 2. Review, complete and submit the laboratory application.

  3. The following documentation must also be submitted with the appropriate application:

    • Resumes of laboratory personnel
    • Equipment information
    • Quality documents and manual
    • Two completed ASSE Laboratory Evaluation Report Forms
    • Map showing the physical location of the laboratory
    • Color photo of the front of the laboratory building

  4. 3. Upon receipt of above materials, ASSE International will schedule and conduct an initial laboratory audit.
  5. 4. During the audit, the ASSE inspector will complete the following paperwork:
    • Laboratory audit report form
    • Basic equipment by standards checklist
    • Checklist reviewing requirements to ISO/IEC 17025
  6. 5. Upon completion of initial audit, the listing agreement and all documentation will be balloted by the ASSE Plumbing Testing Laboratory Committee.
  7. 6. Upon completion of the ballot period, ASSE will notify applicant of results.
  8. 7. The initial application fee (whether application is approved or disapproved) is $1,500 plus all travel expenses for initial audit.


Contact our listing coordinator for more information.