Missouri Monthly Chapter Report

December 2013 - by Donald R. Summers, Jr.

President's Message

Well, here we are and another quarter has gone by. The time lately just seems to fly by. I find it hard to find time to do just about anything anymore.

I must apologize, I have been so busy that I have not made the last three monthly meetings. It has been either due to my job here in St. Louis or I have been out of town for the ASSE or IAPMO.

As I begin to write this report, the weather has turned just terrible. I got 2-3 inches of snow last night, which is better than predicted, so I guess I should not complain. The forecast for next few days is bitterly cold. YEA! For St. Louis weather. It changes so fast it sometimes is truly unbelievable. Here I am speaking to the proverbial choir.

What is happening on the National level? There is so much going on these days I could take days and days to write about it. I will not say much here, but look for more information inside the newsletter.

What is happening on the local level? Again, please look inside the newsletter for information.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the Holidays. This is something I know that I look forward to every year, especially as I get older. Being able to spend time with Family and Friends is what it is all about.

On behalf of the Missouri Chapter I would like wish everyone a very Prosperous New Year. Hopefully things in St. Louis will change and pick up this year. I would like to thank all of you who participate in our Chapter and look forward to working and seeing all you again this year.

I would like to take this moment to look into the future year for our Chapter. I would like to focus our Chapter on concentrating on things happening in our area this year. To get more involved as Chapter. I will speak to all of you more about this at our Chapter meetings.

Best Wishes on a recommitted New Year from your Chapter President, Don Summers.

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