ASSE Online Backflow Instructors Guide

I. Foreword

This Instructor's Guide has been compiled to aid ASSE approved instructors in conducting tester certification and recertification classes in accordance with the ASSE/ANSI/IAPMO Series 5000, Cross-Connection Control Professional Qualifications Standard. Because of the ever changing nature of the building and construction industry, together with the continuing development of new technology and equipment in the backflow prevention industry, the need to continually update and improve our certification program is clear. The objective of this guide is to provide instructors with the resources that, along with both the ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI Series 5000 standard and the ASSE Guide to Cross Connection Protection Devices and Assemblies- Application and Selection Book, will enable them to provide a quality educational experience for their students.

II. ASSE History

ASSE Backflow Program History
During its April 1987 meeting, the ASSE Board of Directors recognized a plumbing industry need and voted to develop professional qualification standards for individuals involved with backflow prevention. Like the ASSE product standards, these professional qualifications standards established minimum industry requirements for backflow prevention assembly testers, backflow prevention assembly repairers and cross-connection control surveyors. This voluntary consensus series of standards was the first in the plumbing and water supply fields to set minimum requirements for a qualified professional.

Backflow prevention assemblies and devices, along with their proper installation, testing and repairing, have been an important part of protecting public health since the 1890s. During the past 100 years, the industry grew in many directions and philosophies. To prepare this standard, representatives from different regions and industry segments dedicated themselves to achieving a true consensus and thereby advancing the backflow prevention community.

This standard, the Series 5000, was first issued by ASSE's Board of Directors in 1990 and was approved as an American National Standard on Nov. 14, 1991. The 2009 revision of the standard series also includes Professional Qualifications Standards for Fire-Sprinkler System Cross-Connection Control Testers and Backflow Prevention Program Administrators.

III. ASSE Contact List

ASSE Staff

IV. Backflow Resources

ASSE has identified a wealth of resources, including backflow articles, agencies and manufacturers.
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V. Educational Objectives for Backflow Testers

VI. ASSE Chapter and Membership Information

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VII. Required Devices and Assemblies

Guidelines for Cross-Connection Control Certification: Facilities and Equipment

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