Cross-Connection Control Certification

Cross-Connection Control Certifications:
5110 – Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester
5120 – Cross-Connection Control Surveyor
5130 – Backflow Prevention Assembly Repairer
5140 – Fire Sprinkler Cross-Connection Control Tester
5150 – Backflow Prevention Program Administrator

What is backflow and cross-connection?
Backflow is the potentially dangerous reversal of the flow of water from its intended direction in any pipeline or plumbing system. A cross-connection is a physical connection between two separate piping systems; one containing potable water and the other containing water of questionable safety. Backflow can allow drinking water in plumbing systems to become contaminated and unusable.

What are backflow preventers?
Backflow preventers are mechanical plumbing devices and assemblies installed in plumbing systems to prevent water from flowing backward in the system. A properly tested and maintained backflow preventer can reliably prevent water of an unknown quality from contaminating a community’s water system.

The ASSE International Cross-Connection Control Certification Program provides backflow prevention professionals and local jurisdictions with a nationally recognized certification. If your jurisdiction requires certification to the ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI 5000, it’s for a good reason; the standard series provides the most stringent qualifications for cross-connection control professionals.

Currently, there are more than 15,000 ASSE certified backflow professionals spanning 48 states. ASSE certified individuals have completed a qualified course of instruction and passed both a written and practical exam covering assembly performance, procedures, reporting and general backflow knowledge.

Join these qualified individuals and expand your skills by becoming certified at one of the 90-plus ASSE approved schools around the country.

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