ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI Series 13000

Service Plumber Certification

ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI Series 13000 establishes a level of knowledge required for service plumbers who install, service and maintain our nation’s plumbing systems. The ASSE 13010 certification was developed to secure a future of competent service plumbers who can protect public health, safety and the environment while performing excellent work.

Home owners need to feel confidence and security when letting a service plumber inside of their homes. Employers need to know that the service plumber they’re hiring is competent, qualified and well-rounded. ASSE 13010 Service Plumber Certification puts minds at ease.

The importance of having a properly educated, experienced and dedicated workforce of professional service plumbers has never been higher. By becoming ASSE 13010 certified and meeting requirements relating to customer service, products, systems, installation and documentation, along with meeting the minimum level of practical experience required to service, maintain and repair plumbing systems, employers and home owners now have a basis for determining that you, as a service plumber, are qualified to safely, effectively and efficiently work in our nation’s homes.

• Applies to an individual who services, maintains and repairs plumbing systems.

• A minimum of five years of documented practical experience in the installation, maintenance or repair of plumbing systems.

• Successful completion of an approved 40-hour training course encompassing ASSE Standard 13010 (Professional Qualifications Standard for the Service Plumber), including hands-on practical experience.
• 100-question written exam, issued by ASSE, covering ASSE Standard 13010.
• Practical exam covering ASSE Standard 13010, including hands-on and/or virtually simulated situations.

Through an approved 40-hour training course, including hands-on experience, ASSE 13010 students will review customer service skills, operating principles and performance characteristics of products, equipment and systems, installation procedures, safety precautions and hazards, proper documenting and recording, and other valuable skills that make a well-rounded service plumber.

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